R.Vaughn: Live From My Living Room
Sitting in the Living room of a lifeless apartment, I kept a Guitar and Pen for company.

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Back in 2008, I began writing as a way to express myself. What started out as an exercise in recovery and self-exploration eventually ended up becoming an album of original music. With my friend Matt at my side, we ended up creating & producing everything ourselves — music, art, video, web, the whole nine. This is me cozying up uncomfortably to myself and saying, “f*** it.”

Familiar Strangers

R. V. Gonzalez

Here we are again
with so much to say
sitting in Silence
Words Get in the way
we’ve Been here before
it’s a tired old beat
we’ve Come to a standstill
another dead end street

Do you hear what I’m saying?
‘cause I’m Falling apart
are the words That I’m saying
Just as loud as my heart?
we’re familiar Strangers, drifting Apart

Too busy looking
for something shiny and new
when all the While
I should’ve Been looking at you

Do you hear what you’re saying?
‘cause you’re falling Apart
Are the Words that you’re Saying
Just as loud as your Heart?
We’re Familiar strangers, Drifting apart

Baby, I can’t tell who we are anymore

Do you hear what We’re Saying?
‘cause we’re faLLing apart
Are the words that We’re saying
Just as loud as our hearts?

We’re Familiar Strangers, drifting apart
We’re famiLiar sTRangers, DRifting Apart

My first — written as half of a pair of tunes.

Click play & listen along to the album in its entirety as you explore the page below. Get the album from iTunes.

Coming Around

R. V. Gonzalez

I woke up this morning
with Nothing to lose
Snagged the Keys and some Coffee
And I slipped on my shoes

It’s been a While since you’ve come Around
my thoughts Are on you
But it’s Time to get a move on
It’s what I’ve got to do

I’m GeTtin’ over you
I’m gettin’ Over you

The Sun shines through the city
Casting shadows of you
So I keep on Walkin’
Got a Lotta walkin’ to do

It’s been a while Since you’ve come around
My Thoughts are on you
But it’s time to get a Move on
It’s what I’ve got to do

I’m Gettin’ over you
I’m gettin’ over You

I’ll find a place with new faces
Where I’ll Slip off my shoes
As I untie my laces
I Hope to find something new

It’s been a while since you’ve come around
My thoughts Are on you
But it’s time to Get a move on
It’s What I’ve got to do
One Day I hope to see you around
From a new point of view
But it’s time to Get a move on
It’s what I’ve got to do

GeTtin’ Over you

Time was not yet a friend; it was slow and unrelenting, dragging me along despite my objections. It was extremely sobering to watch the workings of the world continue on as if I wasn’t there.

Live In Your Light

R. V. Gonzalez

Reaching out
across the Cold
Your Soul shines bright
I Wonder if I could be the one
To Live in your light

Falling Fast
fading slow
Should I Stay or go?
I’m standing At the steps to your door
Hoping It won’t be closed

Fate never Favors me
So With faith is where I’ll be
My heart’s Wandering wild and free
‘Cause you’re the Best Thing that’s happened to me

In your Smile
I feel a glow
With a warmth That burns bright
I wonder if I Could be the one
To live in your Light

I hope you know the Gifts you got
Are what I’ve been dreaming on a lot
I hope you know that what’s been said is how I really feel
Can we take it and make it Real?

Fate never favors me
So with faith is where I’ll Be
My heart’s wandering wild and Free
‘Cause you’re The best thing to happen to me

As time ticks Through
I’ll think of you
And on Where I stand
Until Time can Reveal his hand
I’ll leave my light bright for you
And I’ll wonder if I Could be the one
To live in your Light

I wonder if I could be the one
to Live In Your Light

A shadow killer; a ray of hope.

Sidebar: With the help of a friend, we shot and edited a music video using a pair of iPhone 4s. Shooting near the lighthouse was actually Plan B; Plan A involved a long pier, sunrise, and slow motion. But that fell through and never saw the light of day. The good thing about Plan B was that we were closer to the first rays of the morning light. The people present during our filming saw us as strange, but ultimately our efforts were recognized by CNN, Coldplay, and Mashable.com.

It’s Been a Long Time

R. V. Gonzalez

With all that’s happenin’ in the World today
I’m glad you’re here by my Side to stay
it’s been a long time
it’s been A Long time, my friends

We’ve struggled On along in different ways
Bonds are bound, Bringing a bright new day
it’s been a long time
It’s been a long time, my friends

it’s swell to sit strong Throwin’ down a few
We’ve done our time, we’ve Paid our dues
With worries Gone, we won’t stand to lose anymore

It Feels so good to be in the game again
In it to win it, We’re here till the end
it’s been a long time
IT’s been a Long time, my friends

Together Adventures through the great unknown
Out and in We’ll find our way back home
It’s been a long time
it’s been a Long time, my friends

it’s Swell to sit strong throwin’ down a few
We’ve done Our time, we’ve paid our dues
with Worries gone, we won’t stand to lose anymore

It was good getting out, hanging with old friends, and making new ones.

Only She

R. V. Gonzalez

I’ve got a woman She’s good to me
i’ve Got a Woman now She believes in me
i’ve goT a woman, oh yeah, and There’s only she

She’s given me a home
she’s livin’ me up
she’s the break in the storm
She’s my shelter when the going gets rough

I’ve got a woman She’s good to me
i’ve Got a Woman Now She Believes in me
i’ve got a woman oh yeah and there’s only she

she’s the Light in my life
she’s Brightened me up
She’s the sun in my sky
She’s my Blanket when I need Warming up

I’ve got a woman she’s good to me
i’ve Got a woman now She Believes in me­
I’ve got a woman oh yeah and there’s only she

she’s Given me love
she’s lovin’ me up
she’s the gift that Keeps on givin’
She’s the only one I’ll ever open up

i’ve Got a woman she’s Good to me­
i’ve got a woman now She Believes in me
I’ve goT a Woman oh Yeah and there’s only she

This started out as a writing exercise, trying to see how often the same word could be repeated. She was everywhere.

How’s that for consistency?


R. V. Gonzalez

I’m too Old to play Young
though I’m Still new to gettin’ old
i’m Just tryin’ to Take a stand
Steppin’ over Things that I’ve outgrown
can’t be where i’ve Been
i can’t be Waiting on you
i’m tired Of not gettin’ Anywhere Baby
With so Much to do

I wanna be free

you like to Stay out late
hanging out With your crowd
While i waste away
As the Clock keeps ticking down
I gotta work in The mornin’
i can’t be worrying About you
So go on and Piss the rent away
And do The things that you wanna do

You wanna be Free

you Need to go out on your own
and Live the life
i need to go and find a Home
with someone right
I’ll go my Way, i’ll have my Days
and you’ll have your Nights
and best of all you won’t Text or call
and it’ll be Alright

Cause we’ll be Free
We’ll be free
Cause We’ll be free
We’ll be free

x = 1; x + Y = 0; solve for  Y

A Good Run

R. V. Gonzalez

You mind telling me what’s on Your Mind
lying beneath all the Lies?
don’t hold it Inside, Love
Just let it all Fly, My Love
because Baby, we both Know we’ve had a good run

You mind telling me What’s on your mind?
Pennies you Steal from me are piling high
And your tab has Gone dry, Love
So stop trying to buy my love
Because baby we both know We’ve had a good run

We’ve been running round the cold, cold truth for so long
It’s time we cross the Line to face what we’ve known all along
And hold our heads High
It was one hell of a Try, My Love
Because baby you and I Both know we’ve had a good run

You mind telling me what’s on Your mind?
I’ll sit on my hands and Swallow my pride
And stay by your side, Love
Till you’re Ready to fly, My Love
Because baby you and I Both know we’ve had a good run

A penny for your thoughts, Love.



R.V. Gonzalez

When the rising tides Swell the sea
where smiles Drown and wounds run deep
Surface slowly and Breathe
Clear your Tears and float freely

where pain Takes Hold don’t go cold
As the Current lets go regain control
Rest your Fears at sea
Get on Out
Get on your Feet

Head Up
Rise up
And Stand

stand up
Stand tall

Move on
live on
My friend
my Fallen friend

When the world Rains Down upon your home
When the flooding hits You’re not alone
Build on up And be seen
Rise on Up from the debris

head up, Rise up and stand
Stand up, Stand Tall, begin
move on, live on, My friend
My fallen Friend.

head up, rise up and stand
Stand up, Stand Tall, begin
move on, live On, my friend
My Fallen Friend

Written for a friend who was burned as bad as I was.

Over You

R. V. Gonzalez

Nothing but Blue skies above
my pocket’s full of things I got a hold of
Looking on down round the bend
wearin’ my wings, lifting off With the wind
Gone beyond the Places I once knew
On and on you Keep pullin’ me through
and I’m High, oh so high
i’m flying high Over you
When it’s just me and My friends
i smile and I Don’t need to pretend
when they Ask, “Why so amused?”
I laugh and I let ‘em In on the truth
Gone beyond the places I once knew
on and on you Keep pullin’ me through
And I’m high, Oh so high
i’m flying High over you
there will be times
when the sun won’t shine
And clouds will gray the view
through the gray or blue
i’ll be here for you
and I can promise you
That things will be Just fine
  • Over You
  • Over You
  • Over You
  • Over You

Over You is the back-half of Coming Around. Initially (and unfairly), I looked down on the past through a lens of negativity. But becoming a father changed things, bringing forth new perspectives and purpose. The song became more about the promise of the present and the future that was open with opportunity.

Back to Begin

R. V. Gonzalez

I’ve been ThinkinG on you and me
i’ve been thinking On How it outta be
been trying to break free
From the wrong weighing down on me
Buried beneath the blame
where guilt and sorrow meet
There are things that I’ve said
that I regret
there are Things that I did
that Just don’t make any sense
can we go back
I wanna go back
Take me Back
back to begin

I’ve been thinking
on the Thought of starting new
i know it’s not much
but This sorry is meant solely for you
There are things that I’ve said
that I regret
there are things that I Did
that just don’t make any sense
Can we go back
i wanna go Back
tAke Me back
back to begin

Bound by the Chains of my mess
I Confess in broad Daylight
i’m standing here in Front of you
hoping you’ll Pardon my Crimes

There are Things that I’ve Said
that I regret
there are things that I Did that
just don’t make any sense
can we go back
I wanna go back
TAke me back
back to begin

Goodbye You

R. V. Gonzalez

I gave you my All
you gave nothin’ Back
talkin’ to myself
Just trying to Make it last
Alone With the thought of being with you

well I Tried to call
and you Didn’t call back
Numbers numb my mind
‘Cause I know the Odds are stacked
been counting the days since I’ve lost you

Guess I’ll see you Around
with that pretty little face
Watching from afar
from some Cold and lonely place
Remembering the days That I had with you

so this is goodbye
Goodbye You
take it on easy
as I pass on Through
I’m packin’ my pride
Goin’ goodbye
Goodbye You

Said I’m packin’ my pride
Goin’ goodbye
Goodbye You

Bonus & Free: If you listen to the track and look at the finished lyrics, some of the lines don’t match up. That’s because this scratch was recorded early on, a day after the first draft of Goodbye You was penned. After trying different things in production, we shelved most of it as both Matt and I felt it’d be best to leave it “in the moment.” Grab it for free.



  Producers: Matthew Honda and R.V. Gonzalez   
  Mixing & Recording Engineer: Matthew Honda  
  Recorded at: Matt’s Place  
  All songs written, composed, & performed by R.V. Gonzalez  
  “Tears in Technicolor” (cover illustration), art direction, liner notes, and design: R.V.Gonzalez  
  Photography by: R.V. Gonzalez, Leland Kim, and John Garcia  
  Mastered by: Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound  

 Acknowledgements:   MY FAMILY is everything. MATTHEW HONDA is a great producer, an excellent engineer, a gifted musician, but an even better friend. This project is as much his as it is mine. MY FRIENDS keep me grounded, they give me lift. They’ve picked me up when I was down and I hope to be as true to them as they’ve been to me. INSPIRATION is everywhere, you need to just let it in and open you up. This message is brought to you in part by the letters K, J, M, and S.

 Musicians:   R.V. Gonzalez: Guitars, mandolin, vocals. Matthew Honda: Drums, keyboards, percussion, bass, programming (Julio, Jose, and Juan), kitchen sink. Imua Garza, Allen Hinds, Jason Nobreiga, Travis Manabe: Guitars. John Cruz: Harmonica. Kea Hulaton: Bass. Melanie Kaneaiakala, Yoza: Background vocals.

Life happens.

– To be continued —